Band & Orchetra Buyers
Band Directors

Do you have an old Sousaphone? Instruments in need of a total
overhaul? How about the horn no one has used for 20 years?
Even Instruments that are too expensive or too damaged to
repair have some kind of trade-in value.


Band & Orchetra Buyers
We Pick up nationally

Trade something you already have for what you really need . . .
Let the staff at Middleton's Recycle go to work for you. With over
3,000 new and used instruments in stock we can fill any of your
instrument needs including Bari Saxes, Tubas, and Big Percussion.
Remember all of our used instruments are professionally
serviced to be in excellent working order and come with a
100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Band & Orchetra Buyers
Money on the spot!

We Offer

A Trade-in Service or Cash

for all of your old instruments

regardless of condition . . .

And we come to you!!